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We offer the highest quality plant raw materials straight from organic farms certified by USDA Organic, One Cert and India Organic. On these organic farms, the plants are grown, harvested and distilled with respect and in accordance with their delicate, individual nature.

Each batch of the oil is laboratory tested. Among the carefully selected Oilo products you will find: essential oils, base oils, hydrosols as well as CBD oils and extracts.

All Oilo products have the Product Characteristics Card and the IFRA quality guarantee as well as the recommendation of the Polish Aromatherapy Society and the Association of Essential Oil Distributors.

Oilo essential oils, base oils and hydrosols are used for treatments in luxurious SPA salons throughout Europe, as well as by renowned specialists and therapists using only proven, effective natural therapeutic substances.

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Aromatherapy has accompanied me every day for over 6 years. At the right moment, the master Julia Mafalda appeared, who - in a beautiful way - introduced me to the magical and beneficial world of essential oils. The basis of aromatherapy are clean, safe and proven products - this is what I find in Oilo, and the customers of my shop - Różowy Las - love them. To all those who do not use aromatherapy yet, I recommend starting from this place - beautiful, high-vibration products and reliable knowledge, supported by passion.

Anna Pawłowska - Różowy Las

Quality, attractive price and a wide selection of proven oils, essences, oils and hydrolates make us come back for Oilo and we certainly recommend it to our customers!

Aleksandra Burżacka / Jasny Punkt


I fell in love with Oilo oils from the first diffusion at home, which is why I decided to introduce them for sale in my yoga studio. The presence of oils in the studio provides us with pleasant fragrances and a number of health benefits, and also makes it easier for customers to access them. It is with great pleasure that I share these products with others, because I know that they are safe, natural and ecological.

Justyna Napiórkowska / Studio Jogi Źródło

I decided to start the Oilo brand, because I found the highest quality plant materials at very favorable prices. Now I don't have to reach out to American MLMs to be able to safely and ethically use the pure, fragrant power of nature!

Julia Mafalda / OILO, Ethy Maps

Why aromatherapy with

The power of natural essences is extraordinary and has been appreciated since ancient times. Aromatherapy is one of the oldest ways to balance the body, including a good mood and a strong mind.

Modern clinical and laboratory research shows that the active ingredients of plants contained in essential oils and base oils have a strong pro-health effect on many levels. At the same time, they support a healthy, young and fresh appearance, and also have a very positive effect on emotions.

The OILO essential oils, base oils and hydrolates are perfect for diffusion, bathing, inhalation, massage or sauna for therapeutic purposes.

Essential oils

We offer pure, natural essential oils from plants grown on certified farms. Find fragrances that will satisfy you and your customers from floral, herbal, resin, wood and citrus oils!

The Oilo essential oils are 100% natural and pure - they do not contain pesticides or heavy metals.



The Oilo oils have the highest therapeutic quality thanks to their purity and organic origin.

Base oils

We offer pure, natural cosmetic oils, cold-pressed from selected plants from certified farms. Choose from a wide range: jojoba, tsubaki, hemp, argan, macadamia, cranberry, evening primrose, prickly pear, wheat germ, sweet almond, Polish raspberry seeds and more!

Our oils are of the highest quality at the best price, regardless of the quantity.



At Oilo you will surely find an oil perfectly suited to your needs!

Aromatherapy diffusers

Safe, professional diffusers for essential oils - the best quality at a good price! This multifunctional aromatherapy equipment works also as a diffuser, atomizer and air humidifier!

Our diffusers clean the air of toxins and allergens, regenerating the body of everyone in the room.



Humidifies the air by dispersing particles of aromatic therapeutic oils.

Oilo is an aromatic world of pure plant fragrances: essential oils, base oils, hydrolates and CBD oils.

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